Quick and easy stretches you can do in the office or at home - physiotherapy in Newmarket

With so many of us working from home on the computer and even less reason to get up and move around because meetings are now being carried out online, it’s not surprising that you might feel a bit chair-shaped by the end of the day.

Temporary work stations setups – at a kitchen table or using a laptop on the sofa – don’t help either, as you may not have the same supportive setup you would have in the office.

Your neck, upper back, shoulders and lower back are common places for aching and muscle tension to gradually accumulate. Feeling stiff and uncomfortable in these or any other area of your body can not only affect your concentration and productivity but may develop into a more significant pain problem if you ignore it. So getting into the habit of changing position and moving frequently during your working day is absolutely vital and our quick and easy programme of desk stretches is designed to help you stay on the move at work, without even getting out of your chair.

While incorporating movement into your working day is the key, this can be difficult to achieve if you have deadlines, back to back online meetings or a heavy workload, or even all three! So we recommend a simple strategy called ‘habit stacking’ to make new habits like your desk stretches more memorable and stick with you for the long term.

Habit stacking is a simple method which can help you break up your working day by pairing your new ‘stretching’ habit with an existing workplace habit to help you remember and to help the new habit stick. It’s a really effective way of making long term healthy changes to your working day and also in your general life.

Optimising your workplace setup at home or in the office will also help you feel more comfortable and there are a number of very useful resources here.

Finally, building strength and fitness as part of your lifestyle will reduce both the physical and mental stress associated with sedentary working. A well-balanced programme of cardiovascular exercises, like walking or cycling, combined with strength and conditioning training is ideal.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need a more individualised programme of workplace stretches or more advice on habit stacking.

The Physiofit Team.