Video consultations for physiotherapy

During this lockdown we have been offering physiotherapy appointments remotely by video link and I have found my patients are making great progress using our home treatments, techniques and corrective programmes.

Many of the people getting in touch have been experiencing back pain but video consultations seem to have also been really working for neck and shoulder issues, hip problems, knee conditions and postural aches and pains.

As with all things physiotherapy-related, if you have time to practice the prescribed exercises between appointments, then you are likely to see faster results. It’s the same for a video consultation.

How does a remote physiotherapy appointment work?

Just like a face-to-face consultation, you can show us what the problem is, we can discuss your condition and medical history and we can go through some physical tests with you, to help us diagnose your condition.

We’ll be able to show you how to relieve your symptoms, recommend and demonstrate exercises and watch you complete them to give corrections.

We’ll also email your programme to you, so you can practise between appointments.

Who would benefit from an online video consultation?

Physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of painful conditions affecting muscles, joints and bones including back pain, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, bursitis and hip pain, knee conditions, headaches, ankle sprains, RSI, whiplash and neck pain and tennis elbow.

Working from home? At the moment a lot of us are working from home and may not have the most optimal workstation set-up. This may lead to the gradual onset of aches and pains in the neck, shoulders or back. These types of postural conditions can be greatly improved by a video consultation, during which we can advise on your desk set-up, working habits, breaks and posture. We can also go through self treatment techniques and a programme of corrective exercises that we can demonstrate and watch you complete to be sure you are doing them properly.

Trying to exercise at home? With gyms closed at the moment, a lot of us are trying to continue to keep fit by exercising at home. However, the body doesn’t like significant changes in routine, whether it’s a sudden increase or decrease in activity or a total change in the type of activity being performed. This change in your exercise habits might be causing pain and a video consultation with a physiotherapist will be able to identify the cause, for example, whether it’s a loading or a biomechanical issue.

Pregnancy related pains or symptoms? Are you suffering from pains in your pelvis or lower back? Maybe you are struggling to turn in bed or even finding it difficult to walk around your house. A video consultation with a women’s health physiotherapist will be able to provide a detailed health screen, a specialised management programme to relieve pain and safe, targeted exercises to strengthen your abdominals and pelvic floor which will support your bump more effectively, as well as improve your posture.

Postnatal issues? You may have delivered your baby during this public health crisis and for some this can be extremely challenging for many reasons. You may, for example, have been counting on having family around to help you and be struggling on your own as a result, both physically and mentally.

You may be experiencing some back or pelvic pain, suffering from incontinence or unsure how to begin to exercise your abdominals again safely. A video consultation with a women’s health physiotherapist can be an invaluable place to start your recovery, build strength and restore balance in your pelvis, with a targeted and effective rehab programme.

Suffering from back pain? We have had so many calls about back pain that I’ve produced a short video below which will help most back conditions feel better. I hope you find it useful but if you would like a more bespoke plan, please get in touch.

To arrange a video consultation you can book online, or call us on 01223 914140 or email us at