Pilates with a physio in Newmarket

Working 1:1 with one of our team is a totally individual experience, suitable for any age or level of fitness. It’s a bespoke approach focusing on exercises designed to alter the way you move to create strength and control, improve posture and reduce pain.

We modify pilates exercises to suit the level and needs of each person we work with and take you through the movements stage by stage, so you’ll feel really confident to practice at home between appointments if you want to.

Physiotherapists have a detailed and unique knowledge of movement so each exercise selected for your sessions will have a precise clinical goal in mind. That might be increasing movement in a particular joint, flexibility in a particular muscle or strength in a specific area of your body.

It’s a systematic approach to changing your movement patterns for the long term, allowing you to move comfortably with better posture, strength, control and balance.

Clinical Pilates with a physio is different

Pilates taught by a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist is a safe and very effective way to rehabilitate following injury, surgery or illness and get back to exercising.

It’s often recommended by doctors because it’s important to keep your body gently moving while it’s healing and afterwards to prevent stiff joints and tight or weak muscles. The right movements will also relieve pain.

As physiotherapists teaching pilates, we understand how bodies heal and we know how and when pilates exercises can be used to promote recovery.

It’s also a particularly good way to introduce exercise during pregnancy or to restore stability around the pelvis, pelvic floor and abdominals in the postnatal period.

Private Pilates classes at our Newmarket Clinic

At our Newmarket clinic, we offer mat based Pilates taught with small equipment including swiss balls, foam rollers, resistance bands, magic circles and massage balls to add challenge and variety.

We sometimes incorporate hands-on physiotherapy treatments within an appointment, offering the best of both worlds. We also offer small group classes.

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