Sports taping for pain relief and support in Newmarket

Sports taping isn’t just for professional athletes. It’s a lightweight, flexible style of taping which our physiotherapists might recommend applying after a treatment onto or around the painful area, to relieve pain and provide gentle support without significantly restricting your movement.

K-tape is very elastic compared to other types of strapping and can stay in place for several days. You can even shower with it on. It’s latex-free and quick and easy to apply, so we often teach our patients how to put it on themselves between appointments. That said, it is important to be shown how to apply it properly for your specific injury as badly applied tape can actually cause more discomfort or irritate your skin.

How does Kinesiotape work and what are the benefits?

When K-tape is stretched and applied, the skin underneath is lifted slightly from the tissues below allowing a small change in the flow of fluid in this area. This is thought to be the reason why sports taping helps to reduce localised swelling.

The gentle pull of the tape on the skin underneath not only relieves pain but also increases ‘feedback’ to the brain from the skin, helping to prevent re-injury. Applying tape around the shoulders or upper back can also be a helpful ‘reminder’ for improving posture and encouraging better movement patterns.

The wrapping technique our physiotherapist might choose to use really depends on the area of your body in need of this treatment. The exact placement, shape and direction of pull of the tape are all part of the skill in using it correctly.

When the tape is properly applied, your daily activities should feel supported and comfortable and may allow injured athletes to get back to their sport more rapidly.

When would a physiotherapist use Kinesiotape?

At our clinic in Newmarket, we apply Kinesiotape to:

  • Reduce swelling or bruising (web-like technique)
  • Offload weak, injured or strained muscles
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve awareness of postural problems
  • Help our patients move more comfortably
  • Prevent re-injury

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