Clinical strength and conditioning in Newmarket

Feeling intimidated by the prospect of going to the gym? Know the obvious benefits of exercising but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’ve been injured and are now worried about how to get back into training?

If you haven’t been taught how to exercise properly, it’s no wonder that many people don’t feel confident enough to train on their own. Learning how to train properly will not only have a dramatic effect on your confidence but also your results. In the long run, you can expect to reduce the risk of injury and make big gains towards your goals and, in time, learn to be your own personal trainer.

Our specialist sports physio, Henriette Valmestad, offers personal strength and conditioning training at our clinic in Newmarket. It’s a very different process from a gym induction with a PT. We offer a tailored, bespoke programme prescribed by a highly qualified and very experienced physiotherapist, who herself spends most of her free time in the gym!

Henri will assess your flexibility, strength and movement patterns and precisely teach you the very best form and technique to get fit, effectively and without injury.

Weight training with a physiotherapist for prehab and sports rehab

The journey from sustaining an injury to fully returning to sport or the gym is not always straightforward. You may already have had some physiotherapy or sports massage which has relieved your symptoms on a day-to-day basis, but you might still experience pain or a lack of performance when trying to get back to your sport or the gym. This is a really common complaint and it’s exactly where an experienced Strength and Conditioning Physio will be able to help.

Having a specialist knowledge of anatomy, movement and function, we will be able to teach you how to warm up intelligently with injury and sports-specific exercises and plyometrics to create a programme for you to relieve pain and improve your tissue resilience and biomechanical patterns; and help you to understand how your body recovers and progressively adapts to loading, so that Strength and Conditioning becomes the cornerstone of your training. With the right coaching you can take yourself to a new level, efficiently and comfortably.

Is clinical strength and conditioning right for me?

Strength and Conditioning with a Physiotherapist is an effective and safe approach to getting fit, improving performance, rehabbing after injury, mastering technique and creating strength and building control.

It’s not just about someone supervising you while you work out. We will teach you the basic science and principles of training well, so you can understand the importance of certain types of exercise and why they are used. Over time, this will give you the knowledge to eventually write your own routines.

Regardless of age, previous injuries or current level of fitness, anyone can benefit hugely from learning how to exercise properly and injury-free. Launching yourself into training for a marathon when you’ve never run before might put a big dent in both your body and your motivation. A functional movement screen performed by a physiotherapist will pick up on any asymmetries, strength or flexibility issues and movement patterns which might put you at risk of injury. We use this as an important training guide in creating your bespoke programme and also in evaluating your progress.

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