Specialist physiotherapy treatment for back pain in Newmarket

Back pain, especially low back pain, is one of the most common conditions we treat at our clinic in Newmarket. The symptoms of back pain may be experienced in many ways and may vary a lot from one person to the next. Although there is often no serious disease or risk of long term damage, if you suffer with back pain you’ll know the impact that it can have on your work, family life or social activities.

Our physiotherapists have many years of clinical experience in both the NHS and private practice and we’ve helped many people with low back pain recover and get back to their normal activities, pain-free.

We use hands-on treatments to relieve the symptoms of back pain, for example muscle pain (spasms, strains or trigger points), nerve pain (sciatica), disc problems (prolapse) and joint stiffness, to speed up recovery and help you start to move freely again. You’ll learn about the underlying causes of your back pain and how to prevent it coming back. And we’ll teach you the right exercises to move comfortably, improve posture and build strength.

It’s such a focused and comprehensive approach, that often our patients say that they end up fitter and stronger than before their symptoms started.

Common causes of lower back pain that we treat

It’s not an exhaustive list but some of the most common reasons our patients seek treatment for their back pain at our clinic in Newmarket include:

  • Back strains
  • Muscle sprains caused by heavy lifting or an injury
  • Whiplash
  • Sciatica
  • Disc prolapse
  • Chronic or persistent pain
  • Non-specific low back pain (no obvious cause)
  • Mechanical back pain (pain on movement or activity)

How a physiotherapist can help

At your first appointment your physio will ask you about your symptoms, complete a thorough physical examination, explain why you are experiencing pain and begin treatment.

We offer lots of different hands on physiotherapy treatments for low back pain, including joint mobilisations and remedial massage. The right treatment for you really depends on the cause of injury, your goals for treatment and your own preferences.

Any exercises recommended for you are provided with video links, for home practice, so you can be sure you are doing them correctly in between appointments.

If Clinical Pilates is recommended as part of your rehab, we run small classes, which our physiotherapists teach in Newmarket and we can refer you to one of these groups.

We also offer home visits, if you’d prefer to be treated at home.

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