Specialist physiotherapy treatment for hip pain in Newmarket

Pain felt on your outer thigh, buttock, groin, upper thigh or even knee can all be signs of a problem in your hip joint. Hip pain can make it difficult to fall asleep or can wake you up during the night. It can be painful to take weight through your affected leg or cross your legs. Limping to relieve the pain is common. Your back and knee or your other leg might also develop secondary problems from compensating, so hip pain can be very debilitating.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common conditions we see at our Newmarket clinic but we also successfully treat many other hip conditions affecting the ligaments, tendons and muscles which surround these joints. Sometimes a problem in your back or the sacroiliac joints of your pelvis can cause pain around your hips, so a through physical examination is key to ensuring you have a good diagnosis and the right treatment plan. In some cases, if you are experiencing significant joint stiffness in the mornings or losing mobility in your hip as well as pain, an x-ray or blood tests might also be requested for you.

Accurate diagnosis of your hip pain

Common causes of hip pain that we treat at our Newmarket Clinic include:

How a physiotherapist can help with your hip pain

Many hip problems respond really well to physiotherapy. We use non-drug physical treatments to relieve your pain and we’re experts in prescribing corrective exercises to create strength, restore mobility and give you pain-free movement. Our physios will take a close look at the way you walk, move and balance to ensure that any underlying causes are identified to prevent your pain from returning.

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