Physiotherapy for Whiplash and neck pain in Newmarket

Sore neck? It’s a common problem as many people don’t move very frequently during the working day, creating strain in the muscles around your neck and upper shoulders. You might also have noticed an increase in your neck symptoms when you are more stressed, tense or cold. These are common signs of muscular pain (trigger points) and our physiotherapists are experts at relieving muscle pain and providing corrective exercises to speed up your recovery and prevent future flare-ups.

If your pain is more severe, you are having difficulty moving your head around and/or you are experiencing pain or tingling down your arm then this may be due to an inflamed joint or irritated nerve. We have also treated many people with these conditions and helped them get back to unrestricted movement, pain- free. We’ll teach you what you need to do between appointments too and if you need a scan or further medical investigation, we can refer you to the right place.

Causes of neck pain that our physiotherapists treat

The most common reasons our patients seek physiotherapy treatment for their neck pain at our clinic in Newmarket include:

How a physiotherapist can help with your neck condition

A thorough examination of your neck is vital. Our physiotherapists routinely screen for any serious issues, will check your reflexes and be able to explain clearly why you are experiencing pain.

Early treatment might focus on the kind of ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy treatments which relieve pain and help you to move more freely again, like joint mobilisations, remedial massage and gentle traction or assisted stretches.

Crucially, we will teach you about the things you can do between appointments to help your body recover and heal. We’ll teach you corrective exercises to help you improve your posture and movement patterns to not only relieve your symptoms but to also create strength and prevent them from flaring up again.

We run small Clinical Pilates classes, which are taught by our physiotherapists in Newmarket, so these might be recommended to you as part of your rehab.

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